The carpets in your house or office areas attract lots of dirt, dust mites, and bacteria. This can trigger allergies, infections, and asthma among family members or people around it. In a country like the U.S, carpet is one of the most used floorings. Carpets give a cozy and great look to your home. It is advisable to vacuum your carpet daily.

Every homeowner worries about what will be the charge if they want to get their carpets cleaned professionally. So, let’s take a look at the average carpet cleaning cost here.

Average Carpet Cleaning Cost Comparison

  1. The cost range falls between $25 to $75 per room for carpet cleaning, on average it can go up to $51. But if you hire a professional and allot a project for a whole large house, then the costing will be $550.
  2. The charge of carpet cleaning depends on the location where you live and the size of your house. Carpet cleaning price for a 2,200-square-foot home with three bedrooms, living room and one hallway can cost $75. While the entire house could cost you $550.
  3. If your carpet needs dry cleaning, then the cost for the whole 2,200 square foot home will be from $323 to $600.
  4. Professional carpet cleaners charge additional costs if they have to work hard for a special kind of spot. Sometimes standard cleaning costs cannot get rid of tough stains easily.

Carpet Cleaning Cost

Below is the costing chart as per the area

  • The average cost per square foot is $0.25.
  • The average cost per clean is $176.
  • Moreover, the average cost per room is $50–$75.
  • The average cost for a 1000–1500 square foot home is $200–$300.
  • The average cost for a 2000–3000 square foot home is $400–$550.

Searching For Professional Carpet Cleaning Under Your Budget?

The pricing may vary if your carpet is stained with blood, coffee spills, and pet odors. In such cases, professionals use special techniques and chemical solvents to remove the stains. Various types of stains can cost you between $40 to $300 depending on severity and size.

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