Whether your home has wall-to-wall carpeting or has small rugs, you know that your attractive carpet and rugs can get dirty quickly. How your carpet looks have a lot to do with your daily habits and cleaning methods, so there might be more you can be doing to keep your carpets looking great. So, do you know how to keep the carpet clean for a longer time? No worries, here we will be sharing some factors that will help you to keep the carpet clean and smelling great for a longer time. 

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Tips on How to Keep Carpet Clean

Place Good Quality Doormats

One of the best tips on how to keep the carpet clean is to place a good quality doormat at the entrance. The guest entering the house will wipe their shoes on when they enter. It would be a great idea to place two at each entrance, especially in winter when snow and salt can make a huge mess. 

Add a Protection to Carpet  

Placing a beautiful rug in the area where your home gets a lot of foot traffic will protect your carpets and will keep it clean. Certainly, the rug will need regular cleaning and maintenance too, but cleaning a rug is easy than cleaning the whole carpet. Moreover, you can also add chair mats to save your carpet from chair legs or the wheels on desk chairs. 

Avoid Shoe Inside Home

If you want your carpet to be clean for a longer time, keep shoes away from the carpet. Make a rule in your home that shoes come off when you walk in. This will restrict the dirt and debris from entering the house. For extra protection, you can wear socks or designate house slippers or shoes protecting the carpet fiber from human oils and dirt from your feet. 

Vacuum Twice a Week

Vacuuming is great for good carpet health, so make sure you do it often. It is good to vacuum your carpets at least twice a weak, but vacuuming frequency also depends on the amount of foot traffic your carpet faces. Make sure you vacuum your carpet from up to bottom direction and do it twice to get the most dirt and debris out. 

Have a Professional Carpet Cleaning Once in a Year

This is a big one: If you want your carpet to have a long life in a top condition, make sure you get your carpet clean by the professionals at least once a year. This will not only keep the carpet clean but it will also make the home safer for everyone. 

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