With Christmas just around the corner, you are not alone if you are worried about the current state of the kitchen.

The kitchen is a widely used place in your home where from discussing everyday routine to family dinner everything is carried out.

Hence, it is obvious that you panic about cleaning the kitchen floors. Here is the best way to clean kitchen tiles this Christmas.

tile cleaning

How To Clean Kitchen Tiles Quickly Before Christmas Eve?

1. Sweep and Vacuum

Before you pour water on your dirty kitchen tiles for cleaning, it is vital to sweep and vacuum first. Sweeping will help you eliminate loose dirt particles while vacuuming will clear out tile surface liquid spills and other small pollutants. You should vacuum your kitchen tiles at least twice a week.

2. Eliminate Stubborn Stains

Once the loose dirt and debris are removed, focus on the tough stains on your kitchen tiles. This is because it depicts a terrible impact on your Christmas party visitors. Here you can go for industrial tile floor cleaning products or opt for DIY kitchen cleaning techniques. For DIY, take half warm water and a half scouring powder. Pour it on tiles, scrub it, and rest for 10 minutes.

tile cleaning with brush

3. Clean Grout 

Grout lining becomes dark and dirty because of everyday kitchen usage. The best way to clean kitchen tiles and grout are to use baking soda. Make the mixture using baking soda and water. Scrub it over grout lining using an old toothbrush and clean it with water. Repeat the process until you see the clean grout lines.

4. Time to mop

Now the stubborn stains are removed and grout is clean, it’s time for mopping. Water and vinegar solution is the best way to get a sparkling clean kitchen tile flooring. Mop the tiles using this mixture for shiny floors this Christmas.

Need Help of Professionals?

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