Car is a personal gadget possessed by everyone. It also showcases the need for travel when travelers are more in number with a common destination.

Taking good care of the car improves its longevity. The upkeep of the interior is as critical as the exterior maintenance. You should make sure nobody feels sick and enjoys the drive. So, for a hygienic journey, it would be a good thought to update yourselves with some car interior upholstery cleaning ideas.

Basic Tips About Car Interior Upholstery Cleaning

⇒ Prepare Your Car For Cleaning

  • Before you start cleaning the car, make sure you remove all the personal items from the inside.
  • Child safety seats should be removed for underneath upholstery cleaning.
  • Items such as papers, food packets, bottles, cups, or anything that is creating clutter must be removed in advance.

⇒ Using The Right Tools

There are many DIY ideas for car interior upholstery cleaning, but you need to know the right ones for your car.

  • To remove a layer of dirt or any loose particles, the use of a vacuum cleaner on the carpets, floor mats, and seats is useful.
  • Use proper cleaning tools such as a soft brush to clean the AC vents and hard-to-reach places.
  • Spray solution on the cloth first to clean the windows. A microfiber cloth is best for buffing after cleaning.

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⇒ Methods of Cleaning

1. Steam Cleaning

It is an environment-friendly method. It also prevents the use of harmful cleaning products, thus the risk of allergy to the family also reduces.

2. Scrubbing

This is a common form of car interior upholstery cleaning. But, if not done properly it can damage your precious internal work of art. There are different ways such as hand and machine scrubbing.

3. Hot Water Extraction

A better and faster way to clean the stains. Professional car upholstery cleaning uses warm water and cleaning agents to remove the dust contaminants.

Final Words:

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