There are so many things you don’t know about basic professional carpet cleaning. One of them is the carpet cleaning terms most commonly used by the professionals.

It is important to know these terms before hiring the best carpet cleaning company. Since these technical terms help you understand the message professionals are trying to convey.

Seven Carpet Cleaning Terms You Need To Know

Like every industry, carpet cleaning services also use technical terms. The carpet cleaning terms given below are the ones you must know before you hire professionals:

1. Blooming

This is a process in which the carpet fibers untwist because of various factors. These factors include bad cleaning practice, use of or exposed to extreme heat, poor maintenance and basic wear and tear.

carpet blooming Stockton

2. Browning

This phenomenon happens when an old soil stain or residue resurfaces after being treated previously. It concludes that the stain wasn’t completely removed the first time.

3. Builder

These are compounds which are added to a cleaning agent to increase its power. This compound softens the water, which helps in delivering substantial cleaning results.

4. Carpet Tiles

These tiles are in square or rectangle shape. These carpet tiles are arranged together to form a carpet flooring in commercial buildings. They add design and color to the workspace while being extremely durable to withstand high foot-traffic. The main advantage is that these tiles are easy to repair and replace.

carpet tiles Stockton

5. Crushing

Most commonly known as matting. This happens when the carpet fibers are crushed or bent. All the carpets crush at the near end of their service life. Yet, by proper maintenance, use of firm padding, and changing the traffic directions frequently helps prevent crushing of the carpet.

6. Clouding

This happens when the previous cleaning solution resurfaces as you wet the carpet. The cleaning solution creates a cloudy effect from where this term’s name originates. Additionally, it also shows the lack of proper carpet cleaning.

7. Digester

This is an “enzyme-based” cleaners which, when sprayed on a stain, breaks it down and digests it. Therefore, professional cleaners can easily remove the stain from the carpet.

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