Grout is the paste made of cement, water, and sand. It holds the tiles together. If grouts are not sealed properly, then it allows dirt and other pollutants to stick inside. This accumulation of dust can cause severe health issues

It is not possible to clean the grout with a brush and solution of soap. So, steam cleaning is the best option. But, does steam cleaning damage grout? The answer is no! Steam cleaning is a gentle process containing hot water and cleaning solutions. 

From many tile and grout steam cleaners, you can choose the best one for your cleaning purpose. Few of them are Dupray, Steamfast or Wagner spraytech. Each one of them has different functionality and usage. Choose the one that best suits your grout cleaning requirement. 

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Why Purchase a Good Quality Steam Cleaner? 

Buying a good quality steam cleaner is a prominent investment. The cost of a steam cleaning machine is justified by offering quality cleaning results. Still, some people do not invest in a steam cleaner. 

They justify their decision saying steam cleaner damages grout. But, that is not the case. Purchasing a high-quality steam cleaner helps you revive the beauty of your tile flooring. Know the actual reasons for grout damage in the next section to better understand does steam cleaning damage grout. 

What Causes Grout to Crack and Crumble? 

1.Improper sealing

If your grout linings are not sealed properly, then it can weaken your tile flooring due to dust buildup. Also, unsealed grout can break your tiles, degrading the appearance of the entire space. 

2. Water saturation

Whenever your grout is saturated with a lot of water, then this weakens your grout lining. The solution to this is pre-mixed grout. It holds two tiles more tightly over a longer period. 

3. Less amount of grout

When placing tile if less grout is applied then also it causes a problem. Your tile flooring does not sustain long while creating cracks in the grout. 

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Hire Professionals for the Best Tile and Grout Cleaning Service

When you hire an expert, you don’t have to worry about does steam cleaning damage grout. We, at All American Carpet Cleaning, help you provide the tile and grout cleaning in Stockton CA and nearby areas. Our team of cleaners will solve all your queries related to grout cleaning. For more details on our cleaning services, contact us at 209.915.3134 or follow us on Facebook and Twitter