The carpet in your car collects all the dirt, food spills and stains on it. The longer these stains remain on the carpet, the more it harms the quality. You can throw all big garbage items in the trash that are lying under the seats and other molding pieces of your car.

Professional vehicle cleaning services can easily handle the deep stains of your carpet. To remove the deep stains and oils on your own, follow the 3 quick car carpet cleaning tips explained below.

3 Quick Tips To Do Car Carpet Cleaning

1) Do Spot Cleaning

Some stains stay on your car carpet even after vacuuming. These stains require spot cleaning techniques. You will require items like an upholstery cleaner, a clean cloth and a stiff brush to do spot cleaning.

  • Apply the cleaner according to stains on the carpet, but test it before using it.
  • Allow this cleaner to soak into the stain. (The cleaner must not completely saturate the carpet).
  • Use a stiff brush to scrub the stain with this cleaner, then remove the cleaner with the help of a clean cloth. Repeat if needed and allow the carpet to dry.

2) Prefer Steam Cleaning For Deep Stains

To remove the deep stains from your car’s carpet, use the steam cleaning method. To do car carpet cleaning by this method, you will need a good steam cleaner.

  • Apply the cleaning solution on the spray wand of a steam cleaner tool. Then spray this solution on the carpet.
  • After spraying the solution on the carpet, steam it up. This steam will give a force to the solution to go deeply into the carpet.
  • Vacuum the carpet after the cleaner removes all stains from the carpet.

3) Use Air Dryers

The proper drying of carpet is very essential once it is cleaned. If the left-over water and cleaners are not dried properly, then it can cause mold formation. Also, the carpet starts stinking.

  • If the weather is good, then leave your car doors open for a few hours that allow the carpet to dry.
  • Use air dryers or keep the car under fans that will dry the carpet.

How Much Does It Cost To Get Carpets Cleaned In A Car?

If you are taking car carpet shampoo service or doing steam cleaning, then it may cost up to $75. To get a professional carpet cleaning for your car, All American Carpet Cleaning is the best choice. We are in this industry for years and our experts provide quality vehicle carpet and seat cleaning services in Stockton and nearby areas.