Even if you are really going well with keeping your carpet clean, then with some or other reasons you might face a situation where you have to deal with difficult stains. An accident happens, spills, footprints of shoes, pee of your pets can spoil carpet’s beauty.

Want to make sure you will get the best result for carpet cleaning with homemade hacks? Then here are some handy hacks that you can apply to eliminate stains from your carpet.

Best Handy Carpet Cleaning Hacks You Should Try At Home

1. Use An Absorbent Material 

Many peoples try to rub the carpet with full force just to remove the stain. But they don’t know while doing this, they make the stain deeper due to their rubbing motion. Instead of Rubbing you should use a dry cloth or an absorbing material such as sponge and leave above the stain so it would absorb the stain. This can remove the stain easily without harming your carpet.

2. Use Lint Roller to Collect Small Debris

You may face the situation where your carpet is covered with spills, dirt, crumbs and small dust particles that cannot be removed easily. In such a situation you can make use of lint roller which can easily collect the small debris scattered on the carpet.

3. Make Use Of Home Made carpet Detergent

Use only those detergents which are homemade and don’t contain many chemicals. Homemade detergent can easily remove the stains without damaging your carpet.


Now you might be quite aware of all possible handy carpet cleaning hacks that you can try at your home. Your carpets enhance the beauty of your house. But it is important to keep in mind how to clean your carpet in the best possible manner. 

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