Spilling your coffee while driving or kids spilling their milkshakes in the car are common occurrences in most people’s lives. Now, no one wants their car’s carpet to spot a permanent stain. Hence, it becomes necessary for the car owner to find out how do you get spilled liquid out of the car carpet.

Well, don’t feel distressed. Here’s a way you can deal with liquid spills easily.

How To Clean A Spill in Car Carpet?

⇒ The first step is to vacuum the car carpet to remove all the surface-level dust, dirt, grime from it.

⇒ Next, use a non-toxic, safe car carpet cleaning agent and spray it on the carpet. Let the cleaning agent dwell for 10 minutes. Use paper towels to softly remove the cleaning agent from the car carpet.

⇒ For the next step, use a car carpet stain remover and clean the spilled area. Let the stain remover sit for 5 minutes and then use clean paper towels to dab the affected area.

⇒ Lastly, use a vacuum cleaner to extract out any remaining moisture from the car carpet and let it dry completely.

Tips To Prevent Staining on Car Carpet

⇒ The simplest advice is to clean the stain just as it occurs. This prevents the liquid spill to go deeper inside the carpet, which would make it harder to come off.

⇒ Always use paper towels or clean microfiber cloth to absorb the liquid from the carpet.

⇒ Don’t rub the paper towel on the liquid spill. This would cause it spread more. Instead, gently dab on the spill to get most of the liquid out of the carpet.

⇒ When you are cleaning any stains, start the cleaning process from the outside to the inside. This will prevent the stain to spread and become bigger.

⇒ Always indulge in car carpet cleaning by vacuuming it every few days. This way liquid won’t get attract a lot of dust.

⇒ If DIY spot cleaning treatment doesn’t work, hire professional car carpet cleaning services. They are experts in spot removal treatments.

Professional Car Carpet Cleaners Who Is Always Ready To Help!

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