The professional couch cleaning cost in Stockton, CA typically ranges from: $119 – $222. According to the report, homeowners spend about $164 on professional upholstery cleaning. 

Most of the experts charge on a per-piece basis. Hence, the final cost is dependent on the number of pieces you need to clean. 

Further, the pricing to clean the couch is determined by furniture size and material type. This is because if you have a large piece of the sofa, then it takes more time to clean and materials may require special care. 

Hiring a professional will help you avoid stains while providing special cleaning instructions. Also, if you have reclining furniture for cleaning, then it can cost you more as it includes the complexity of moving the seat forward.

Average Professional Couch Cleaning Cost 

Want to have a professional touch while cleaning a couch? If so, then be ready to pay on average between $50 for a loveseat i.e., smaller couch to $200 for a large couch. 

These charges may vary depending on the company norms. Therefore, choose the specialist offering upholstery cleaning service with proper quotes with no hidden charges.  

There are professionals who may charge by the hour, project or number of cushions on your couch. However, you also have to pay additional charges for accessories. Some couch cleaning quotes will include: 

  • Time and supplies 
  • Material costs 
  • Labor 
  • Shipping charges

Note: Check before deciding on hiring expert upholstery cleaners by verifying with two or more couch cleaning service providers. As a result, you can save from bluffing on furniture cleaning pricing. 

Get The Best Upholstery Cleaning Pricing

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