Carpets often attract dirt and stains. Mainly, it is preferred to get your carpets professionally clean in 6-8 months to maintain its durability. Most cleaners take this opportunity to scam people by looting their hard-earned money and delivering dreadful service.

Scammers are very common nowadays so you need to be very careful while choosing a carpet cleaning service.

Top Three Common Carpet Cleaning Scams

1. Improbable Low Price

Most scammers use low-cost cleaning prices to attract customers. Make sure not to fall into such traps. They charge a very low amount like $5-$10 for a room and not clean the carpets properly. No carpet cleaning can earn a profit by providing exceptional service at such a low price. Therefore, don’t hire door-to-door cleaning services and carpet cleaning companies that provide services at unbelievable low prices.

2. Add-On Charges

It is better to fix the price of the cleaning before it starts, as later on, scammers are ready with their excuses to charge you an extra amount. They give justifications like:

  • To clean stubborn carpet stains, they require other products and equipment.
  • Additional price for deep cleaning.
  • Adding service charges, soap charges, vacuuming, etc.
  • Your rooms are too big, so it costs more.
  • You have an exclusive type of carpet that requires a composite cleaning method.
  • Extra charge for moving furniture to clean carpets properly.

3. Best Method / Scheme

Most of the professional experts try to scam you by insisting to use the best method. However, carpet cleaning techniques depend on your couch age, fabrics, pile, etc. They will charge a massive amount for the best approach and clean your carpet using simple tools.

Professional Carpet Cleaning Scams Stockton

What To Ask Before Hiring A Carpet Cleaning Company?

There are several questions you can ask before hiring a carpet cleaning company to avoid scams.

  • Which method they will be going to use to clean carpets?
  • Is there any extra cost involved?
  • Do they use cleaning solutions that are pet friendly?
  • Are there professionals certified or licensed?
  • How long will it take for the carpet to dry?

Also, check the customer’s reviews to get better knowledge about their services.

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