If you have kids and dogs, then it is very normal that your car’s carpet and upholstery get dirty. Your family vehicle is more than just day-to-day transportation. People feel like they are still at home while traveling. But if your upholstery is filled with dirt, grease, and grim, then it leads to a growth of mold and allergens inside your vehicle.

Moreover, stains due to pet urine, spills of coffee are very deep, so you may find difficulty in removing these stains. Let us learn how to deep clean your car’s carpet and upholstery here.

Steps To Deep Clean Your Car’s Carpet And Upholstery

Step 1: 

Before heading towards car upholstery it is important to check the manufacturer code and cleaning instructions. All upholstery fabrics are different so make sure you can clean the stains by following proper instructions only.

Step 2:

Remove all the carpets from the floor and place them outside the vehicle. With the help of vacuum extract all the loose particles and debris. Vacuum the entire carpet and upholstery to cover every corner.

Step 3:

You can make use of a hand brush or brush attached in your vacuum to lift up the fibers of the carpet. If there is any debris trapped beneath the carpet, then it would be removed with a brush.

Step 4: 

Pre-treat the stain if available. Although many stain removers are available in the market that works very well in removing hard stains. But, before applying any stain remover you need to follow all the instructions mentioned on the product.

Step 5: 

Spray the stain remover on upholstery and carpet leave to dwell for 5 mins, scrub the area with tight pressure. You can take the help of a stiff bristle brush to treat the spot. Now, rinse them with clean water and dry the area.

End Words

Following the above steps can help you to deal with hard stains on your own. Do you think everyone will be able to clean with these tips? No, many car owners do not want to risk their cars and prefer to hire the best auto detailing service.

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