With the hustle and bustle of daily life, often people chew gum while traveling for some refreshment. At that moment, if the chewing gum falls on your car carpet, then it is the matter to worry. 

How to get gum out of car carpet? This is the one question that comes to your mind when you discover a sticky situation on your car carpet. Here in this guideline, you will come to know techniques to remove gum from your car carpeting. 

Smart Ways to Remove Gum From Your Car Carpet 

  1. Applying ice 

Ice or ice pack is one of the smartest ways to get rid of gum from your car carpet. Freezing gum is the best way to remove from any surface. Just apply the ice on the gum and slowly remove it with a knife or metal spatula. Clean the spot to clean any residue.  

  1. Use any oil 

It is vital to test the application of oil on some hidden car carpet areas where it is not noticeable. This is because some oil may discolor or bleach fabrics. Oil reduces the stickiness of the carpet and thus it becomes for you to get off from the carpet. First, apply oil on a cloth and then on the car carpet gum spot. Take off using the butter knife. 

  1. Use dry-cleaning solvent

Using a dry-cleaning solvent or mineral spirit will help dissolve the gum polymers, making it less sticky and easier to remove from the car carpet. Allow solvent to observe into the chewing gum, wait for 10 minutes and then scrape off with a knife. Sponge the area with a mild detergent liquid. 

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Summing Up 

How to get gum out of car carpet? This is a question on which you were confused in the beginning. We hope this guideline will help you get rid of gum from your car carpet. In case, you need more vehicle carpet or upholstery cleaning tips and advice, then All American Carpet Cleaning is the ultimate destination. For further details, contact us at 209.915.3134. or follow on Facebook and Twitter.