Painting your home or kids painting their projects, sometimes, you may spill some of it on your beautiful tile flooring. This may happen even when you are careful. So, what to do now? How to remove paint from tiles easily?

Removing paint from tiles is not hard, you just need to put in a lot of effort. Plus, the paint removal process also depends on what type of paint it is, the age of the stain, the product, and the techniques used to remove it.

Anyways, if you are looking for a way to remove paint from ceramic tile, here’s how you can proceed with it.   

Super Easy Ways To Remove Paint From Tile And Grout

⇒ Scarpe Off The Paint

If the paint spots on the tiles are still fresh, scrape them off using a utility knife. Also, use a dust mask to protect yourself from paint fumes. Take a damp clean cloth and wipe down the scrapped area. 

⇒ Use Heat Along With Scrapping Process

When the paint spots are a little older and have hardened and aren’t coming off with the first method. Here, you can use a heat gun to warm up the paint till it’s soft and then scrape it off. Lastly, clean the area with a damp clean cloth.  

⇒ Invest In A Paint Remover

Use a paint remover to remove paint spots on damaged tiles or paint spots that are too tough. Clean the tiles with a vinegar-water mixture, and wipe it down with a damp rag. 

Tile Cleaning By Paint Remover

Apply the paint remover using a clean cloth and let it sit as per the instructions. Use a plastic scraper to scrape off the paint, wipe it clean with a damp clean cloth. Clean the tiles with warm soapy water and dry them with a clean rag.           

Hire A Professional Tile And Grout Cleaner  

You can expect only the best from professional tile and grout cleaners. Firstly, they will truly recover the tiles to their original state. Secondly, they will do the job more faster and effectively than you. 

So why put in so much effort, when you have All American Carpet Cleaning providing professional tile and grout services in Stockton. Just call them and relax, and let us handle all your tile-related issues.