Your car extends your home but on wheels. Between the morning commute and the transportation of the kids, things can be more than a little messy.

Now that you have considered you overuse the interior of your car. Is it not true? Unlike the interior of your home, there is frequent traffic inside your car. When you sit in your car, you attract more dirt. Every time you eat or drink, add a few more pieces and spread. 

Cleaning Tips and Tricks Explaining The Best Way To Clean Vehicle Interior

person cleaning up his car

Collect All The Dirt and Debris

Whenever you go out with the car are you throwing the garbage in the trash. Do you know garbage is the biggest cause of damage to your car interior, causing odors, splashes, debris, and dirt? There is debris on the floor, under the seat, and on the cracks in the seat. Therefore, try to make your car safe from unwanted dirt and damage.

Shake Those Floor Mats

Remove the floor mat from the car and shake it out as much as possible. This makes the vacuum cleaner much easier. If necessary, wash in hot soapy water and allow to air dry completely before replacing it.

Cleansing The Interior Windows and Mirror

Cleaning Car Window

Use a microfiber cloth and a commercially available ammonia-free window cleaner, as this can damage the plastic on the inside. Remove the mist from the window inside the spray bottle. Start at the top of the window and lower the window slightly, working to catch the drip. If you have a tinted window, read the cleaning product label to make sure the cleaning process safe for the window.

Console Cleaning

Cleaning too many buttons and controls in your car can be a nightmare. We can find dust in every crevice. There is a simple trick to fix this. To make yourself a niche for cleaning hard stains and grooves on your console, simply wrap the cloth around the top of a flat-head screwdriver. 

The key is to use the thinnest fabric possible so that the head of the screwdriver does not have to work too hard. If you are concerned that a metal screwdriver may damage your console, you can use a plastic knife wrapped in a cloth or cotton swab instead.

Allow The Vents to Breath

best way to clean vehicle interior

The vents are not very difficult to clean but can be extremely tiring for many of their parts. Using the right tools can get the job done quickly. All you need is a long soft-bristled brush, and a can of compressed air to clean those dirty vents from time to time. 

With a brush, clean as much of the ventilation grill as possible to remove most of the dust. To give it that fresh look, shoot a few jets of air from the compressed air in the grill.

Remove The Odor

Persistent odors, especially those caused by cigarette smoke and pets, can be difficult to remove. To improve the smell of your car, hang the car air freshener in your rearview mirror or use this trick. Place baking soda or activated carbon in a sealed plastic container. Cut a few slits on the cover and place them under a seat. Change the subject once every two months.

After cleaning and detailing the interior, it’s time to move on to professional Vehicle Cleaning or call All American Carpet at 209.915.3134 for professional advice.