Daily use of upholstery attracts germs, dirt, pet urine smell, and many more. You may try to clean these stains and dirt from your upholstery by DIY methods. But, without proper knowledge you can’t clean the hard stains formed on it. Even more use of chemical solutions may damage your upholstery fabric.

However, professionals can help you to remove all the hard and sticky stains or dirt from your upholstery by. They use the latest equipment and methods to treat every type of stain. In this blog, you will learn easy maintenance tips after a professional upholstery cleaning.

Three Easy Maintenance Tips After A Professional Upholstery Cleaning

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a) Protect From Direct Sunlight:

Upholstery is always made from fabric, leather or foam sheet. But, while cleaning you need to protect your upholstery by direct sunlight, else it may deform and lighten in color. The direct rays from the sun dry the natural color of your upholstery but it also forms cracks in it.

b) Fluff up your Cushions:

Pillows and sofas are made from soft and smooth fabric, which may be flattened by daily use. It’s a good idea to take care of your furniture after cleaning. You can fluff up your cushions by punching, prodding, and lightly slapping them back to their original shape.

c) Use Stain Protection Products:

There are lots of protection products in the market to keep your upholstery clean and stain free. Stain protectors make a protection layer on the outer side of your upholstery. This layer will prevent the upholstery from all kinds of stains. High-quality stain protectors may increase the lifespan of your upholstered furniture.

d) Vacuum Regularly:

Vacuuming is important for upholstery maintenance. After professional upholstery cleaning, it is advisable to vacuum twice a week. Vacuum the surface of upholstery to remove unwanted particles. This may keep your sofas dust-free and shiny.

End Words :

Taking care of your upholstery furniture professionals is the best option to choose from. But, after cleaning you should take basic maintenance of upholstery in your house. Experts like All American Carpet Cleaning will also guide you about a few maintenance tips after professional upholstery cleaning.

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