Mistakes happen, but when it comes down to things, the damage is evident. Be it at home or office, we have furniture to systemize our place. The maintenance of the upholstery is an important aspect to keep the surroundings hygienic.

The causes of the damage are different and so are their remedies. The fabric plays a key role in determining the cleaning methods and avoids any further damages. For your awareness, it applies to know the most common causes of upholstery damage.

Four Reasons For Upholstery Damages

1. Spots And Stains

Don’t you dare spill on my sofa! Are you tired of giving such warnings to everyone? More to that, you can’t keep yelling at your guests for any spill-overs or accidental meal falls. Stains are one of the most common reasons for any damage. The red wine, chocolates, and more food waking up our taste buds love to leave those lovely memories on the surface. For best results, clean the mess immediately. 

2. Inappropriate Products For Cleaning 

You may be meticulous about your regular cleaning. But think again! Are you doing good or more harm to your furniture? You should use the right cleaning agent for your upholstery. Using abrasive or harsh toxic cleaners can worsen the natural polish and shine of your fabric. Often improper use of chemicals is one of the most common causes of upholstery damage.

3. Climatic Conditions

The temperature in the house also affects the wear and tear of the upholstery. Too much heat and cold can lead to brittleness, cracks, or fading in the material. Leather is vulnerable to such conditions and demands proper care. Fabrics also become dull and fade away due to overexposure to the sun. To protect your furniture, keep them in suitable climatic conditions to improve their life span.

4. Child Menace

You can’t control the kids all the time or run after them to stop going near the couches and dining area. The house is their playground and especially when you have to stay home, stay safe! All the creativity with their pencils, pens, colors, clay work-of-the-art sessions, munch-time are so easily shown on the upholstery. The only way out is by regular professional upholstery cleaning.

Expert Help!

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