Even after taking all the precautionary measures, you still end up staining or spilling on your upholstery. Even if you try cleaning them with cleaning products available in the market, there’s still some residue left behind. Therefore, to remove them completely, you need to call an expert.

Now, there are many reasons to treat your home with an upholstery cleaning. For instance, professionals remove filth from the upholstery and also make the environment hygienic. But, once you have hired an expert, sometimes you don’t understand certain technical terms that they use.

For this purpose, we have listed some basic upholstery cleaning glossary to make dealing with experts easier.

Basic Upholstery Cleaning Glossary You Must Know

Cleaning Codes: Upholstery manufactures share cleaning instructions on the upholstery tags. This is because different upholstery fabrics use different cleaning methods. Here are the most common ones that you see in the market:

W: This sign indicates that you should use a water based cleaning product.
S: This sign indicates that you should use a solvent based cleaning product.
SW: This sign indicates that you should use both water and solvent based cleaning product.
X: This sign indicates that no type of upholstery cleaning product should be used. Instead, just vacuum and brush the upholstery lightly to remove dirt and dust.
F: This sign indicates that you can dry clean the upholstery using either a petroleum or fluorocarbon solvent based cleaning product.
P: This sign indicates that you should dry clean using an approved cleaning product.
WS: This sign indicates that you should clean stains with water based cleaning products. Additionally, it also indicates that you should clean oil stains with solvent based cleaning products.

Dry Clean: In this type of cleaning, expert upholstery cleaners spray dry solvent cleaning agents all over the sofas and couch. The cleaning agent is extracted via a vacuum.

Fabric Protectant: This product stops the upholstery from getting stained, spilled or soiled. Professional spray it to make the cleaning process easier.

Solvent: This product comes in either liquid or gaseous form. When applied on upholstery, it helps in breaking down soil, dirt, stains, etc and helps in removing them completely.

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We hope you have understood upholstery cleaning glossary and will be helpful to you when you hire a professional cleaner.

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